Join NORWOOD JFC in supporting one of our own!

The Riley family have been active members of the sporting club for 6 years. They have been involved with Norwood Football and Norwood Cricket with both their boys, with Matt and Carol taking on many roles and responsibilities including Committee member, Club Secretary and Team Manager.

After nearly a year of treatment for pain to his right hip, in July last year, Matt Riley was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. The percentage of people diagnosed with this particular type of cancer makes up only 2% of those diagnosed with cancer each year. It’s part of the Leukemia family of blood cancers and is most common in over 70-year olds, who are usually diagnosed after compression fractures of the spine, or renal failure.

Although Matt is unlucky to be diagnosed younger, which is becoming more common, he is also lucky to be diagnosed before any of these symptoms occurred.

Multiple Myeloma interrupts the normal operation of the blood plasma and cells in the bone marrow, which causes holes in the bones that do not repair themselves. It can also cause severe anemia and renal problems. It is incurable but treatable.

Treatment for multiple myeloma takes many forms – mostly comprising at least one type of chemotherapy drug, radiation therapy, and sometimes Stem Cell Transplants. So far Matt has undergone all three of these treatment types and whilst his results have been positive as has his attitude to beating this disease, he has been unable to work since the diagnosis (July 2018).

As a football community through our Welfare Hub, we are putting together a support package to assist the Riley family to maintain some semblance of normality.

How can you assist?:
The Football Club will be coordinating a Working Bee, putting in place “Spare Change” tins at the Sporting bars and will be looking to provide financial support where required. All three elements can be supported by you as members of the Sporting Club community.

Details are as follows:

Working Bee:
Date: TBC (post-football fixture release)

General Tasks:
General maintenance

Specialty Tasks:

Register your intent to participate in the working be by emailing with:

Financial Donations:
Financial Donations can be made via Credit Card or Direct Debit to the Riley Family Appeal gofundme page at:

Financial donations will be used to fund materials for the working bee and to provide ongoing support as required throughout this challenging time. i.e Prepared meals service, household essentials etc.

Spare Change Tins:
When frequenting the Sports club and partaking in a beverage, be sure to tip your spare change into the tins at each of the bars.

We encourage our community to participate in whatever form you can and look forward to providing assistance to the Riley family.